Martha's writing accomplishments:

  • UPDATE: MARIE TUSSAUD has won the Best Feature
    Script Competition in the 2017 Script and Storyboard

  • Martha's screenplay, MARIE TUSSAUD, received
    positive and professional critique from a screenwriting
    competition in Toronto. She is preparing another draft
    to get it ready to be read out loud by professional
    actors and to bring it to the next step.

  • She authored the screenplay, MARIE TUSSAUD, based
    on the life of Madame Tussaud.   

  • Martha was employed as Copy Editor in the Public
    Finance Department of Moody's Investors Service.
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"I became aware of Madame Tussaud
while counting group tickets for
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.  
After asking myself who was this
eighteenth-century artist, I began
researching her life. The film treatment
evolved out of that. I look forward to
seeing her life on the big screen." -

Martha Danielle Lanzillotti
"Martha is a hardworking and
conscientious employee with excellent
editing skill.  Martha was assigned the
additional responsibility of
, a weekly publication... She
devised a system to ensure timely
receipt and delivery of work." -
Performance and Career Development
Evaluation, Moody's Investors Service,
November 1994.
". . . Your submission [Marie Tussaud]
was well received . . . It's clear that the
writer [
Martha] has invested a good
amount of research into both the
subject and her times and has
succeeded in many strong moments in
relating current events with a couple of
lines of dialogue or a visual that really
places us in that world . . . you have
talent . . . " -
Wildsound Screenplay
Festival Committee, August 2009
". . . I really like your script. I find the writing, very
clean and smooth, very disciplined . . . The
visualization is specific and clear . . .  It has real
commercial promise.  The imagery is magnetic:  
the wax images themselves;  the occasional and
quite organically sensational nature of the
subject matter. (I love the classic Grand Guignol
of Marie being forced to use severed heads as
models) . . . There is an innocent sensuality to
the art itself . . .  A good cinematographer can
make much of that and make it a real feast for the
audience . . . The audience will identify strongly
with Marie, surer and surer, while always
remaining vulnerable. . . The historical interest,
the historical figures (especially Doctor Franklin),
are a big plus . . . the “unity” that you have
chosen is Marie Tussaud’s life.  It is clear that
you have done serious and extensive research.   

Well done, Martha! . . . I like it very much, and I
wish you the very best of richly deserved good
fortune with it!"  . . .
Andrew Kesler, Professor,
Columbia College, Hollywood, CA
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Martha Danielle Lanzillotti
Dear scriptwriter, storyboarder,

Congratulations, your submitted work has
been voted best and you just WON the  
2nd edition competition of the SCRIPT
category ! We selected 52 titles this
competition - there are only 9 winners.
And you are one of them. You are now
listed on the Talent Factory website as
winner, . .
"Script and Storyboard
Showcase, September 2017"