MARIE TUSSAUD is a biopic set in France during the Revolution. This is a
story of a young girl, Marie Groscholtz, who is caught in a world of
corruption and vice.

Marie has no formal education.  To escape from her misery she learns the
Art of Wax Modeling from her mentor and father figure, Dr. Philip
Curtius. In time, Marie is forced to make a decision about his loyalty.

In Paris, Marie’s innate gifts surface. She buries herself in her
creativity. She meets the top celebrities of the day, Dr. Benjamin
Frankin, Voltaire to name a few.  They pose for her. Her statues are so
lifelike that visitors to her salon poke at the figurines to see if they
come alive.

The revolutionary authorities threaten her with death by guillotine. To
escape this miserable end Marie strikes a deal with them to make wax
models of beheaded political figures.

Marie earns a place at the Palace of Versailles as artist-in residence.
In a delightful scene, Marie displays her love for teaching the royal
children how to mold figures.

Marie marries a civil engineer, François Tussaud. His bad business deals
put him in debt. Marie struggles with her marriage.  She leaves her
lackey husband and sets out on her own.  

Marie makes the excruciating decision to go it alone.  She doesn’t let
fear hold her back. She leaves Paris to build her business in England.

MARIE TUSSAUD is a universal story about betrayal, revenge, love –- and
-- belief in self-worth!  Marie battles against bullying and social
prejudice.  This story shows the inner strength of a Woman’s
determination. It speaks to today’s audience.

This story can be told in theatrical feature film format or as a mini-



Martha Danielle Lanzillotti